Sustainability Committee

The Framingham Sustainability Committee (FSC) will strive to make Framingham a more sustainable community through the consideration of practical new programs and policies as well as public engagement and outreach activities that seek to address environmental, resource, and energy challenges.

The FSC is expected to engage citizens in understanding sustainability principles and their role in building a more sustainable city, utilizing outreach and engagement programs to support residents, businesses, and other organizations. In addition, the FSC will act as a resource to the City, providing information and assistance on opportunities to enhance the sustainability and resiliency of municipal operations and promote environmental justice. The FSC shall provide recommendations to the Mayor, Energy Task Force, and Sustainability Coordinator by October 1st of each year in order to allow for the timely consideration of new programs and policies in the annual budget.


The FSC is to be comprised of nine voting members appointed by the Mayor. The term of office shall be for three years, with initial appointments of one, two, and three years so that the terms of members shall be staggered. At least one FSC member shall be a youth between 16 and 25 years old.

In addition to having a passion for sustainability and the environment, members of the FSC are preferred, but not required, to have demonstrable experience in areas such as environmental justice, environmental law, environmental education, corporate responsibility, environmental science, energy management, renewable energy, environmental health and safety, marketing and communications, green building, land use planning, water conservation, stormwater management, waste reduction, climate resiliency planning, economics, or other related fields.


  • Advising the Mayor and the Sustainability Coordinator on Framingham’s environmental impacts, challenges, and opportunities as well as providing recommendations on municipal programs and policies to promote greater sustainability and/or resiliency;
  • Promoting the adoption of and advocating the benefits of sustainability across all sectors of the community including residents, businesses, and other organizations;
  • Serving as a resource for municipal departments, boards, commissions, and other committees regarding sustainability and resiliency challenges and opportunities;
  • Supporting municipal sustainability and resiliency projects, programs, and initiatives such as waste reduction or energy efficiency efforts;
  • To establish, document, and maintain a set of short-term and long-term goals, which will be reviewed and updated annually as needed.
  • To provide a written recommendation to the Mayor, Sustainability Coordinator, ETF, City Council, and School Committee by October 1 of each year recommending new policies or programs ahead of the annual municipal budget process. The recommendation shall include the FSC’s assessment as to the state of the city, in the area of Environmental and Sustainability initiatives, and (except for the first annual report of the FSC) the FSC’s assessment as to the progress made towards the FSC’s short-term and long-term goals since the previous annual recommendation was issued.
  • Provide recommendations regarding related zoning by-law changes to the Mayor, Sustainability Coordinator, ETF, and City Council by October 1st of each year or more often as needed.
  • Such other responsibilities may be assigned to the FSC by the Mayor.

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Members of the Sustainability Committee

Name Seat Term Expiration
Hiranmayi Narasimhan Youth Member June 2025
Melissa Yu Member June 2025
Sean Bilodeau Member June 2025
Donna Kramer Merritt Member June 2026
Larry Stoodt Member June 2026
Donald Grose Secretary June 2026
Aimee Powelka  Vice-Chair June 2024
Erin Ellsworth Chair June 2024
Jaime Haber Member June 2024