2030 Advisory Council

The 2030 Advisory Council is an ad-hoc committee to the Mayor. This Council is comprised of 21 Framingham residents ages 21-35. 

The goals of the Council are to foster community engagement, facilitate communication with City Hall and give an important voice on behalf of the interests of younger residents to generate improvements, support policies, and social justice.


To advise the Mayor on improving the quality of life for young adults in Framingham.

 To create an effective dialogue and strategic recommendations with a community focus on areas like housing, governance, finance, and economic development.


Pursuant to Article III, Section 3(b) of the Charter, the Mayor shall strive to the extent practicable to seek appointees to the Council reflecting both demographic and geographic diversity of membership.


The 2030 Advisory Council shall be comprised two members from each district and 3 at-large members from the community. 

The Council will elect a Chair, Vice-Chair, and clerk from the district. Members follow the Conflict of Interest Laws. Members abide by the Local, State, and Federal Rules and Regulations.


 2030 Advisory Council members are appointed by the Mayor, and do not need legislative approval.

Minimum requirements:

  • Must live in Framingham
  • Must be between the ages of 21-35
  • Must be Innovative and Creative thinkers
  • Must be committed to attending monthly meetings


Meeting dates/occurrence: Monthly

Members of the 2030 Council

Name Seat  
Vacant At-large Expired
Nycolle Desirree Silva At-large Expired
Brandon Ward District 2 Representative Expired
Natalie Tassy District 3 Representative Expired
Mary Elliot District 5 Representative Expired
James Thrasher District 6 Representative Expired
Andrea Kalsow District 7 Representative Expired
Jessica Whitfield District 8 Representative Expired
Vacant District 1 Representative .
Vacant District 1 Representative .
Vacant District 2 Representative .
Jake Binnall District 3 Representative .June 2024
Vacant District 4 Representative .
Vacant District 4 Representative .
Vacant District 5 Representative .
Vacant District 6 Representative .
Patience Noah District 7 Representative .June 2024
Vacant District 8 Representative .
Vacant District 9 Representative .
Vacant District 9 Representative .
Vacant at-large .