Team Framingham Steering Committee

Our Role

The Team Framingham Steering Committee plans and administers all aspects of the Team Framingham Boston Marathon program on behalf of the City of Framingham.

  • Charity/runner selection
  • Collaborate with City’s media team on press releases and other publicity
  • Collaborate with community partners for runner support such as mentoring, free/discounted memberships and services, Race Day cheering sections, street banners, etc.
  • Fundraising to support the expenses of the program itself
  • Manage relationship with Boston Athletic Association and Greater Framingham Running Club.
  • Plan and manage monthly meetings for runners and charities
  • Plan and support biweekly training runs 
  • Support runner fundraising efforts

Meeting Information

Meeting dates/occurrences: The Team Framingham Steering Committee meets monthly.

Members of the Steering Committee

Term Expiration
Jenifer FeasterChairJune 2022
Stuart HurowitzClerkJune 2021
Michael BowerMemberJune 2022
Amy Pearl
MemberJune 2021
Joseph KynochMemberJune 2023
Ressa MorabitoMember
June 2023
Leslie White Harvey
June 2021
Scott Pettingell
June 2023
Chinye NolisaMember
June 2022