Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight

Our Role

In accordance with Framingham Home Rule Charter, Article VI, Section 11: There shall be a strategic initiatives and financial oversight committee (SIFOC) to advise the mayor, council, and school committee on the status of Framingham’s long-range strategic plan in accordance with Article III, section 11(b), the state of the municipal economy, sufficiency of municipal revenues, and other financial matters that may from time to time be referred to it by the mayor, council or school committee. 

Membership Guidelines

The Committee shall be comprised of nine members appointed to staggered three-year terms, three chosen by the council, three chosen by the school committee, and three chosen by the mayor, including its chair. Members shall be residents of the municipality and shall not hold any other elected or appointed office in the municipality and shall not receive any compensation. Each appointing authority shall select at least one member with expertise in finance and one member who is a member of the local business community. SIFOC will report annually to the mayor, council, and school committee and shall file all of its reports with the City Clerk.


SIFOC - Recommendation Regarding Long Term Strategic Plan  

Members of the Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee

Name Seat Term Expiration
Vacant Member, At-Large  
Mary Kate Feeney Chair, Local Business  June 2024
Joel Francis  Finance Expert  June 2024
LeRoy Watkins  Local Business  June 2024
James Culhane  Finance Expert  June 2023
William McCarthy Local Business  June 2024
Christian Estrella  Finance Expert  June 2025
Vacant Local Business - School Committee Appointee June 2026
Vacant At-Large