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Image of a black and yellow recycling toter with text: Property of City of Framingham

 The City of Framingham will recognize the State Holiday, Juneteenth, on Friday, June 18, 2021.

The Memorial Building and other non-essential municipal buildings, including the Recycling Drop-Off Center (RDC), will be closed on Friday, June 18. The RDC will resume operations on Saturday, June 19. 

Curbside refuse and recycling will be collected as usual.

Recycling Made Easy

Type in your address to sign up for reminders for trash and recycling collection. Use the Waste Wizard to search items and learn how to properly dispose of them.

What We Do

  • Collect refuse and recycling from over 17,000 residential dwellings with four or fewer units on a weekly basis and transport over 130,000 pounds of material for recycling or disposal every day.
  • Operate the Recycling Center and Yard Waste Drop Off sites to allow residents to dispose of refuse, sorted recyclable materials, and yard waste.
  • Perform special curbside collections including spring and fall leaf and brush collection, and Christmas tree collection.
  • Hold annual events such as Household Hazardous Waste Day, Shred Fest, and Electronics Recycling Day.
  1. What Can I Recycle?
  2. When Is My Collection Day?
  3. Holidays and Events
  4. Recycling Drop-Off Center

The recycling market is constantly changing; therefore, items accepted in your curbside recycling cart are subject to change. Not all items with a recycling symbol are accepted in your curbside bin. Search the Waste Wizard at the top of this page to learn how to properly dispose of items.

View information about the common items we find in recycling carts that should not be recycled here.