Framingham Historical Commission

The seven-member Framingham Historical Commission (HC) was established by a vote of Town Meeting on April 1, 1969, pursuant to MGL Chapter 40, Section 8D. The HC’s mission is to work alongside the Massachusetts Historical Commission to promote the preservation, protection, and development of the City’s historically and archaeologically important assets.

Board/Commission Duties

Duties include, broadly, developing a long-range plan for the Preservation of Cultural Resources in the community, and overseeing the implementation of that plan, including the creation of and maintenance of the cultural resources inventory. There are many facets to this. Cultural resources can include but are not limited to, historically significant sites, and structures, monuments, areas, and objects, as well as architecturally significant structures. The Commission’s powers and duties are further defined in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40, Section 8D. It works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Historical Commission. Framingham has been recognized by that body as a Certified Local Government, a designation that puts us on a priority list for the distribution of preservation grant monies from the State. The Commission has regulatory powers in the administration of the Demolition Delay Bylaw and manages the public hearing process in instances where a building over 75 years old is slated for demolition and deemed historically significant and subject to review by the historical commission and potential demolition delay.

Member Skillset

The law does not specify any skills required for members of this Commission. However, the present Commission is made up of people with the following skills, which probably represents the right mix:

  • An Architect with knowledge and background in historic preservation
  • An individual with knowledge of construction methods, such as a local builder
  • A Local Historian
  • A member of the local historical society
  • A member of the local planning board (desirable)
  • Two owners of historically significant homes in the community

Meeting Information

Meeting dates/occurrence: Monthly on the second Wednesday, 7 p.m. Additional meetings as required. For more information, please contact the Historical Commission at 508-532-5455.

Members of the Framingham Historical Commission

Term Expiration
Paul A. Silva Chair June 2024
Frederic A. Wallace Vice Chair June 2023
Susan Kennedy Clerk June 2023
Lewis Colten Member June 2022
Lynne Damianos Member June 2023
Thomas Schuetz Member June 2022
Kevin Swope Member June 2024