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City of Framingham Opioid Task Force Web Site Narrative & Citizen Feedback Form

  1. City of Framingham Opioid Task Force - Citizen Feedback Form 

  2. At this time, the Task Force is inviting those who live and/or work in the City of Framingham to contribute their voice to a community dialogue around the Opioid epidemic in our City. Please note that while suggestions will be used to guide decision-making, feedback may not have a direct or immediate impact on policy. Please take the time to complete this Community Feedback Form.

    Below are some questions to consider when providing input:

    1) What gaps/barriers do you see locally, regionally, or statewide that need to be addressed?

    2) What programs or activities do you think Framingham should prioritize with this funding?

    3) What outcomes do you hope to see? 

  3. 4. How do you identify your race and ethnicity? (Select all that apply)
  4. 5. What is your gender?
  5. 7. What is your connection with the City of Framingham? Select all that apply.
  6. 8. How, if at all, are you impacted by the opioid epidemic? Select all that apply.
  7. 11. The opioid settlement funds are allowed to be used towards the following seven areas. Please select two areas that you would like to be prioritized:
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