Community Preservation Committee



The Framingham Community Preservation Committee is pleased to announce that the Committee is now accepting CPA Project - Full Applications for FY 2023 from eligible applicants. The Full Application is available, below, and in the Planning and Community Development Department in the Memorial Building. Translations will be posted here as they are completed. At this time, Full Applications will be accepted through October 31, 2022 for funding consideration in FY2023.

The Committee may only consider CPA funding for projects that are deemed eligible under specific guidelines established by the Community Preservation Act in the areas of open space, historic preservation, outdoor recreation and community housing.   

A CPA Project Eligibility Form is the first step in determining eligibility and must be completed by all potential applicants to determine if a project qualifies under the guidelines established by the Community Preservation Act. The final date for submission of an Eligibility Form for consideration in this funding round is September 26, 2022.  The CPA Project Eligibility Form is also available below.

Our intent is to use CPA to help protect our cherished resources and enhance the quality of life for all who call Framingham home. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Committee via telephone at 508.532.5683 or via email at


In November 2020, the City of Framingham adopted the Community Preservation Act (CPA), MG Chapter 44B. This statewide legislation allows cities and towns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to adopt a property tax surcharge which, along with state matching funds, is used for open space preservation, creation of community housing, preservation of historic buildings and landscapes, and creation of recreation opportunities.

Consistent with the requirements of the CPA, the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) was formed.


The Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is comprised of nine (9) members. Five (5) seats are filled per state CPA statute by representatives from the following City Boards: Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Framingham Housing Authority, Parks & Recreation Committee, and Planning Board. The remaining four (4) seats are At-Large members appointed by the City Council. The four (4) At-Large members are prohibited from holding any other municipal position on a multiple-member body nor hold any position as a municipal officer while serving as a member of the CPC.

Name Position Appointing Authority Joined CPC Term Expiration
Thomas Mahoney Chair City Council July 2021 June 2024
Karen Margolis  Vice Chair City Council June 2022 June 2024
Steve Weisman Clerk Conservation Commission May 2022 June 2023
David Gudejko Member Parks & Recreation Commission June 2022 June 2025
Mary-Anne Tratchel Member City Council June 2022 June 2025
Joseph Norton Member Planning Board July 2021  June 2024
Stephen Joyce Member Housing Authority May 2022 June 2023
Judith Grove  Member City Council July 2021  June 2024
Fred Wallace Member Historical Commission July 2021  June 2025


The CPC is responsible for evaluating the community preservation needs of Framingham and making recommendations for appropriations from the Community Preservation Fund (CPC Fund) to the City Council as part of the annual budget process. During meetings, the CPC discusses its role as a facilitator to promote community preservation in Framingham and strives to:

  • Communicate the Community Preservation Act mission and goals to the residents of the City
  • Seek input and project ideas from the community
  • Utilize community goals articulated in other public documents that have received wide scrutiny and public input
  • Be a catalyst for projects
  • Be a funding source, not a developer
  • Meet multiple Community Preservation goals in each project 

The committee will hold at least one public, informational hearing as part of the initial study and the annual review process. Notice of the annual hearing will be posted at least two weeks before the hearing date. 

The CPC will meet at a minimum on the second and fourth Monday monthly at 7 p.m. unless rescheduled due to holidays or conflicts. Additional meetings as required. Meetings will be held in person when possible, or via Zoom when that is not possible.

Email or call 508-532-5683 
to contact the Community Preservation Committee.