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Parking Hearing Request Form

  1. Parking Hearing Request Form

    1. A parking ticket must be appealed in writing within 21 days of issuance of said ticket along with a legible copy of the parking ticket being disputed.

    2. Please fill out the form completely with a brief description of why you are disputing the ticket.

    3. Please submit any documentation for the Hearing Officer’s review at time of submitting this application.

    Other ways to apply for a hearing are:

    a) By submitting your printed application and any documentation by email to:

    b) By mail to 150 Concord St, Framingham, MA 01702

    c) In person in Room 111, 150 Concord St, Framingham, MA 01702

  2. There are two ways the hearings are conducted:
    1- Written: You will receive a verdict in the mail
    2- In Person: Hearings are conducted once a month and you will be given a time and day to meet
    with the Parking Hearing Officer.

    If you are not satisfied with the decision of the Parking Hearing Officer you may:
    File a formal appeal with the Middlesex Superior Court located at 40 Thorndike St Cambridge, MA 02141

    FAILURE to appear will result in denial of your appeal and late fees will be added to the violation.

    You have the right to appeal a parking violation. Current Policy is tickets issued by authorized personnel will be aggressively enforced. The burden of proof rests with the party appealing. When appealing a violation, evidence such as photographs of the vehicle or parking location need to be included in order for an appeal of a violation to be considered. Undeniable proof indicating the violation was issued incorrectly needs to be provided. Absence of required documentation will result in the denial of the appeal.
  3. Failure to be aware of parking regulations enforced in the City of Framingham is not a valid reason for appeal. 

    All Hearings must be requested within 21 calendar days of the ticket issue date.

  4. You may request a scheduled hearing with the Parking Clerk or you may appeal in writing with proof attached. Please Check one of the following:**
  5. The Parking Hearing Officer will call or email you to schedule your hearing.
    WARNING: Failure to appear will result in denial of your appeal and late fees will be added to the violation
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