Public Health Department


Main Office: 150 Concord Street, Room 205
Nursing Clinic: 113 Concord St
Framingham, MA 01702

150 Concord Street Room 205
Framingham, MA 01702



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The Public Health Nursing Clinic, located at 113 Concord Street, is temporarily closed due to the vacancy of the Public Health Nurse.

Board of Health Members
Dr. David Moore - Chair
Karen Beauregard 
Jeri Bryant
Darlene Connors

Name Title Email Phone
Delude, Christopher Community Health Manager 508-532-5470
DePalo, Alexandra Director of Public Health 508-532-5470
Dufour, Olivia Tobacco Control Program Manager 508-532-5470
LeFort, Matthew Public Health Inspector 508-532-5470
Mature-Hill, Jacqueline Administrative Assistant 508-532-5470
Mendez, Michael Public Health Inspector 508-532-5470
Hagerty, Kelly Community Intervention Specialist (508) 532-5470
Rivas, Kimberly Community Health Program Coordinator 508-532-5470
Smith, Brian Environmental Protection Officer 508-532-5470
Valdez, Noelia Administrative Assistant 508-532-5470
Williams, Robin Environmental Health Manager 508-532-5470
Yates, Bethany Public Health Inspector 508-532-5470