Professional Standards & Hiring

A relationship of trust and confidence between the employees of this police department and the citizens of the community is essential to the successful accomplishment of law enforcement objectives. All police employees are expected to conduct themselves, whether on or off duty, in such a manner as to reflect favorably upon themselves and the department. The consistently high quality of this standard of conduct establishes and maintains the reputation of the department and encourages the support of the community for police purposes and goals.

Our Role

The Professional Standards and Internal Affairs functions are important for the maintenance of professional conduct in a law enforcement agency. The integrity of the Department depends on the personal integrity and discipline of each employee. To a large degree, the public image of this department is determined by the quality of the Professional Standards/Internal Affairs Section in responding to allegations of misconduct against the Department or its officers.

The objectives of a Professional Standards / Internal Affairs investigation is the protection of the public, protection of the employee, protection of the Department, and the correction of procedural problems. It is the policy of this department to investigate all complaints against the Department or an employee of the Department, regardless of the source of such complaints, through a regulated, fair, and impartial Internal Affairs Program. The Department will determine whether such complaints are valid and take appropriate action.