Investigative Services


The Bureau of Investigative Services is comprised of General Duty Detectives, the MetroWest Drug Task Force, Crime Scene Services, and School Resource Officers.   General Duties is responsible for all investigative work of the Framingham Police Department.  Detectives attended specialized schooling and trainings to aid them in their ability to investigate the wide variety of crimes such as domestic violence, financial crimes, sexual assaults and related crimes, property crimes and crimes of violence that occur in and around our City.  


Currently we have three School Resource Officers assigned to the Bureau of Investigative Services.  School Resource Officers work collaboratively with all schools in the City in order to promote school safety and security, help maintain a positive school climate, enhance cultural understanding between students and law enforcement, promote school attendance, and facilitate appropriate information-sharing so as to best serve the school community.  


Crime Scene Services is responsible for processing all crimes scenes within the City.  Officers assigned to Crime Scene Services have extensive training in photography; videography; the collection, identification and classification of fingerprints; collection and processing of evidence including the recovery of footwear, tire impressions, and tool marks.