Framingham Police Department Conducts its First Independent Recruitment Process for Police Officers

                                                                          July 13, 2021
PD - Entry Exam Promo

FRAMINGHAM, MA – The Framingham Police Department is conducting its first independent recruitment process for Police Officers since exiting Civil Service in 2020. Leaving the Civil Service system allows the Department to attract and hire a broader pool of well-qualified candidates and better fulfill the City’s diversity goals.


  • Who: Those interested in learning more and registering for the Framingham Police Department exam
  • What: Take the first step toward being a part of the diverse and progressive Framingham Police Department
  • Wherehttps://www.policeexamsolutions.com/about-6
  • When: The deadline to register for the August 14 exam is 9 a.m. August 10. Interested candidates must register by 9 a.m. August 10.

The Framingham Police Department has the reputation of being one of the finest in Massachusetts. The Department is made up of professional and hardworking men and women who take their jobs seriously and strive for excellence. The Department recently earned re-accreditation from the Massachusetts Police Accreditation Commission and has been fully accredited since 2005. Accreditation represents a prestigious and significant achievement demonstrating the Department’s strong commitment to excellence in policing.