Framingham Police Department Law Enforcement Entry Level Written Exam

GETBADGED.COM is pleased to partner with the Framingham PD to facilitate their 2023 law enforcement written exam and recruitment process. The written exam is scheduled for Saturday, October 7, 2023. Registration is required. The deadline to apply is 9 a.m. October 5, 2023. For more information, and to register, please visit www.getbadged.com


The mission of the Framingham Police Department is to enhance public safety and reduce crime through the delivery of exceptional police services. Today, this is accomplished through evidence-based data and analysis and ongoing community outreach.  


Since getting sworn in as Chief of Police in December 2020, I have had the privilege of working alongside some of the finest men and women in uniform anywhere. I am proud of the service these officers provide each and every day, and even more proud of the many accomplishments and the community outreach that these officers have taken part in.

The Police Department continues to utilize evidence-based data and analysis to prevent and reduce crime. Such analysis helps our Department to see areas and patterns of concern and to act proactively in an effort to discourage criminal activity. The Department’s ultimate goal is to have more police officers on the street, making connections in the neighborhoods, becoming part of the community, and helping to deter crime before it actually happens.