Census Information


The City Clerk conducts an Annual Census for the City of Framingham. The mailing goes out in January. With more and more residents working outside the home, census-by-mail assures that all households will be contacted. The information collected is name, date of birth, and occupation. Voters are required to return the form annually to retain their active status on the voter list.

The board of registrars is required by state statute to verify and update the name, address, age and occupation of all residents in preparation for the annual street list.  Compliance with this state requirement provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veterans' bonus, housing for the elderly, and related benefits.  Sometimes people need to prove prior residence for a particular period, by answering the census you will create the record of your period of residency in Framingham.  

the information collected during the census is used by several city departments, including in carrying out their mission for Framingham. city clerk uses the information to update and verify voting lists and to produce the list of residents.

The census form does not register you as a voter.  If you wish to register to vote or change party affiliation, you must fill out a voter registration form and file it with the City clerk.  if you are a registered voter, failure to answer this annual census may result in the voter's name being removed from the voter list.  failure to answer the census will cause you to be listed as an "inactive voter" and require you to show proof of continuous residency in Framingham in order to reactivate your voting status.  Please sign and return your census.