How to Vote by Mail

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Vote by Mail 
Application Deadline
Vote by Mail
Ballot Deadline
City Preliminary
September 19, 2023
Tuesday, September 12, 2023,
5 p.m.
September 19, 2023,
8 p.m.
City Election
November 7, 2023
Tuesday, October 31, 2023,
5 p.m.
November 7, 2023, 8 p.m.

PLEASE Note: Vote by mail ballots cannot be returned to the polling locations on Election Day.

Vote by Mail Applications

As required by the new law, a Vote By Mail application can be submitted by any Framingham voter who had not already requested an Absentee ballot for the 2023 fall elections. You may drop off the application at the City Clerk’s Office, mail it or email it to

If you wish to vote by mail, you are strongly encouraged to return your application as early as possible to ensure that your ballot will count!

Applications require the voter’s signature and a phone number in the event of any questions. The signature must be visible and signed in substantially the same manner as a handwritten signature. This includes applications signed with a mouse, stylus, or finger. Applications with typed signatures or no signatures will not be accepted.

All vote by mail applications for the City Preliminary must be received in the City Clerk’s Office, Room #105, by 5 p.m., on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. 

How to obtain Vote by Mail Application

To obtain a Vote By Mail Application, click here How to obtain Vote by Mail Application. You may also contact the City Clerk at 508-532-5521 or email and one will be sent to you.

HOW TO return your vote by mail ballot

Once you receive your ballot, please return it as soon as possible to ensure that it arrives in time to be counted. Ballots CANNOT be returned to the polling location on Election Day.

Residents have three options to return a completed ballot:

1) Return by Mail 

A prepaid return ballot envelope that is addressed to the City Clerk's Office is included in your vote by mail package. Place your ballot in the envelope, seal it, drop it in the mail. Postage is PREPAID. 

2) Return In-Person

You may return your vote by mail ballot in-person to the City Clerk's Office, 150 Concord Street, Room #105.

3) Use THE Official Election Ballot Drop Box

Ballots can be dropped off in the secure official election drop boxes located in the rear of the Memorial Building, 150 Concord Street, and at the McAuliffe Branch Library, 746 Water Street. 

How is an early voter's ballot cast? 

All returned vote by mail ballots will be kept secured, unopened and unexamined in a fire-proof vault in the Memorial Building until the State Primary. All ballots will be delivered by police or city clerk staff to the appropriate precinct and inserted into a tabulator at the polls on Election Day.

What if I registered to vote by mail but I did not return my ballot prior to election day?

Voters who receive a vote by mail ballot but do not return it prior to Election Day may appear to vote in person to cast a ballot on Election Day. Any voter that has returned a vote by mail ballot is not permitted to appear to vote in person on Election Day.

if I voted by mail can I vote in person on election day? 

Any voter that has returned a vote by mail ballot is not permitted to appear to vote in person on Election Day.