Street Opening Permit


Work in the public right-of-way can only be conducted between 
April 1 - November 15However, work outside this time frame may be authorized at the discretion of the Department of Public Works. 

A street opening permit is required if you are excavating in the public right-of-way, including the street, sidewalk, curb, driveway apron, and/or grass berm area. 

An Access Permit from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation is required when conducting work on a State-owned road. 

Excavation conducted on a private road does not require a street opening permit from the Department of Public Works.

Typical permit activities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Water, wastewater (sewer), drainage connections, disconnections, and/or repairs
  • Cutting and capping water and wastewater (sewer) utilities 
  • Driveway installations, reconstruction, and/or repairs
  • Private utility installations and repairs by the electric, telephone, gas, or cable companies
  • Geotechnical investigations (borings, test pits, etc.)


  1. If you are a new contractor or have worked with the City of Framingham before, please reference the bond and insurance requirements
  2. If you are conducting any water, sewer, or drainage work, you must be a Licensed Drainlayer. Reference the process to become a Licensed Drainlayer here. 
  3. New or relocated water, wastewater(sewer), and drain connections REQUIRE a set of design plans signed and stamped by a Massachusetts Registered Professional Engineer. Reference the process for water and sewer connections and fees here. This process is IN ADDITION to applying for a street permit. 
  4. Submit a Street Opening Permit Application (PDF) prior to starting work
  5. Submit a Dig Safe Ticket online or call 811. State law requires you to give at least 72 hours notice in Massachusetts. 
  6. In some instances, a traffic management plan may be required. 
  7. Pay the permit fee, cash, or check made out to the City of Framingham.


  • Excavation (100 SF and under) - $75
  • Excavation (over 100 SF) - $150
  • Permit Renewal - $50

Processing time

The processing time for a street opening permit is three to five business days.


Once your street opening permit is approved, please notify the DPW Inspectors at 508-532-6010 at least 48 hours before starting work.


Questions can be directed to the City's Engineering and Transportation Division at 508-532-6010 or