Sex Offender Registration

The law prohibits SORB and police departments from disseminating any information on a sex offender who has not been finally classified by the board or who has been finally classified as a level 1 offender. Public information regarding local sex offenders may be obtained online from the Sex Offender Registry Board or by in person appointment with the Licensing Bureau Commander.

Any information provided by either this police department or the Sex Offenders Registry Board will be limited only to offenders who have been finally classified by SORB as level 2 or level 3 offenders or sexually violent predators.

Sex Offenders working or residing in the City of Framingham will register by appointment directly with the Licensing Bureau Commander within timelines set by law.


The Licensing Bureau is also responsible for the registering of all persons that fall under the Sexual Offenders Laws, as well as the dissemination of information regarding this law.

For questions regarding licensing and the Sex Offenders Registry please feel free to contact the Licensing Bureau.