Team Framingham History & Fundraising

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Each year the Boston Athletic Association’s (BAA) City and Towns program awards 22 to 25 invitational entries to each of the 8 cities and towns along the Boston Marathon course in recognition of the support from these communities for the annual running of the Boston Marathon.  This program has been in place for decades. 

Following the tragic 2013 Boston Marathon bombing the Framingham Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to establish the Team Framingham program with the stated goal of making the awarding of these valuable invitational entries a much more open and transparent process available exclusively for the benefit of Framingham residents, Framingham town/city employees, and Framingham focused charities.

An additional goal of a more formal process and program was to leverage the value of these entries in the running community to the benefit of Framingham-focused charities through a fundraising requirement.  

A final goal was to work with the local running club and running community to provide a comprehensive training program so that recipients of these entries, whatever their running history, would be able to complete the 26.2-mile Boston Marathon.

Team Framingham 2014 was therefore launched for the April 2014 Boston Marathon.  

Team Framingham Fundraising

In the 10-plus year history of Team Framingham our team runners have raised $933,233 for dozens of Framingham-focused charities.   This year we expect our team runners to surpass the $1 million mark in overall team fundraising.

Our five Team Framingham 2024 charities are Dignity Matters, Heritage Chorale, Jewish Family Services of Metrowest, Metrowest ESL Fund, and Metrowest Nonprofit Network.

You can donate to one or more of these deserving charities via our runners’ fundraising pages, to view them please click here

Check out the great work each of these five fantastic charities do for the Framingham community at their websites below: