The Licensing Department processes the following categories of licenses under the authority of the Board of License Commissioners, City Council or Police Chief:

Auctioneer License Application (PDF)

Automatic Amusement Device/Coin Operated Machine Application (PDF)

Carnival License Application (PDF)

Class I, II, III Auto Dealer Application (PDF)

Common Victualer’s License Application and Instructions (PDF) Required for establishments with their own seating serving food/beverages.

Entertainment, Show, Amusement Application(PDF) Monday - Saturday 

Entertainment, Show, Amusement Applications (PDF) Sunday (Framingham & State)

Filming Questionnaire (PDF) No Filming Permit/License required/No Fee. Other permits may be required by City departments.

Flammables, Combustibles, Explosives Storage License Application (PDF)

Fortune Teller License Application (PDF)

Hawker / Peddler-Transient Vendor-Solicitor Application (PDF)

Innholder License Application & Instructions (PDF)

Liquor License Application (Annual) and Instructions (PDF) New, Transfer & Amendment to Existing

Liquor Special One-day and Entertainment Applications (PDF) -(SUBMIT 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT)

Livery License Application (PDF)

Livery License for Additional Drivers Application (PDF)

Lodging House Application (PDF)

Pool/Billiard Table License Application (not coin operated) (PDF)

Retail Food Sales Bylaw Waiver (PDF)

Second Hand Junk Dealer Application (PDF)

Taxi Company Permit Application (PDF)