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monDAY, JUNE 21 @ 7 p.m. is next scheduled  BOARD OF LICENSE COMMISSIONERS’ MEETING 


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restaurant reopening information & GUIDANCE


The Licensing Office processes applications and maintains records of all licenses and permits under the licensing authority of the Board of License Commissioners, City Council, and some under authority of the Police Department.


To enable restaurants to reopen as quickly as possible when Governor Baker allows it under Phase II of his reopening plan, the City has made a temporary outdoor seating application. There will be no fee for the temporary outdoor seating application. Term of approved plan expires August 15, 2021 (60 days past Governor's state of emergency which ends June 15, 2021).

The quick application allows owners to lay out how they propose to offer food and beverages outside in a manner to meet health and safety requirements. Eating establishments must possess an existing “pouring license” to serve alcoholic beverages outdoors. The application can be found here.

To assist restaurants in reopening, the City has created an easy-to-follow application process guide.

If you would like to make changes to an approved plan, email a new site plan to Diane Willoughby explaining the changes requested. It will be reviewed and a determination will be made whether a hearing is required.

If you have additional questions, please email Diane Willoughby for more information.


*Online server training will be accepted until August 15, 2021 (60 days past the Governor's State of Emergency).

All individuals who serve alcohol to the public or view identification cards to determine age must successfully complete a classroom* alcoholic beverage server training program approved by the Framingham Police Department and Licensing Bureau. See FAQs for providers.


Board of License Commissioners' will be considering amendments to Rules & Regulations Governing Alcoholic Beverages, Monday, June 21. Meetings begin at 7 p.m. in the Ablondi Room in City Hall. Click here to see a draft, red-lined version (PDF)  for incorporated changes. Click here to see the proposed draft (PDF) without these changes marked. Additional changes under consideration are hand-written in this version. These drafts are subject to change.

The Licensing Department handles the following categories of licenses under the authority of the Board of License Commissioners, City Council or Police Chief:

Auctioneer License Application (PDF)

Automatic Amusement Device/Coin Operated Machine (PDF)

Carnival License Application (PDF)

Class I, II, III Auto Dealer Application (PDF)

Common Victualer’s License Application and Instructions (PDF)

Entertainment, Show, Amusement Application(PDF) Monday - Saturday 

Entertainment, Show, Amusement Applications (PDF) Sunday (Framingham & State)

Filming Questionnaire (PDF) No Permit/License required/No Fee

Flammables, Combustibles, Explosives Storage License Application (PDF)

Fortune Teller License Application (PDF)

Hawker / Peddler-Transient Vendor-Solicitor Application (PDF)

Innholder License Application Application & Instructions (PDF)

Liquor Licenses (PDF) - Framingham Application and Instructions

Liquor Special One-day and Entertainment Applications (PDF) -(SUBMIT 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO EVENT)

Livery License Application (PDF)

Livery License for Additional Drivers Application (PDF)

Lodging House Application (PDF)

Retail Food Sales Bylaw Waiver (PDF)

Pool/Billiard Table License Application (not coin operated) (PDF)

Second Hand Junk Dealer Application (PDF)

Taxi Company Permit Application (PDF)

Regulatory Policies

Rules & Regulations