Charter Review Committee

charter review committee

In April 2017, Framingham's residents voted in favor of transforming the town into a city, marking a significant milestone in the state. As of January 1, 2018, Framingham officially became the newest city in Massachusetts, transitioning from the largest town in the Commonwealth.

According to the City's Charter, it is mandated that in May of every year ending in 3, a Charter Review Committee be appointed. This committee's purpose is to thoroughly examine the Framingham Home Rule Charter and submit a report containing their recommendations for potential changes to be presented to the voters.

To ensure impartiality, all members of the committee must be registered voters of the municipality, but they cannot hold elected or appointed positions or be employees of the municipality.

The Committee has been assigned the task of conducting a public hearing and submitting their comprehensive report of recommendations to the City Council no later than May 1, 2024. Subsequently, as per the Charter, the City Council is required to include the committee's recommendations on its agenda for action before June 15, 2024.

In case the secretary of the council does not schedule this action, the matter will automatically be brought before the council for consideration at the next meeting following June 15. During this session, the sole focus of the council will be to decide whether to present the committee's report and recommendations to the voters for their careful consideration. A roll call vote will determine the outcome.

The Charter Review Committee has decided to convene on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. 

The meeting will take place in the Blumer room located in the Memorial Building. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend any of their meetings.

Your participation is vital as we embark on shaping the future of Framingham's governance.

Together, we can contribute to a prosperous and thriving city. We look forward to your active involvement in this important process. 

The Committee is comprised of 11 members – five individuals appointed by Mayor Charlie Sisitsky, three members appointed by the City Council, and three members appointed by the School Committee.

Members of the Committee are:

NamePositionAppointing Authority 
Adam Blumer
ChairCity Council appointee
Susan Craighead
Vice Chair City Council appointee
Mary Zarrilli Connaughton 
MemberCity Council appointee
Former Senator David Magnani 
MemberMayoral appointee
David Miles
ClerkMayoral appointee
Antonio Gutierrez
Member Mayoral appointee
Steve Schneider
Member Mayoral appointee
Laura GromeMemberMayoral appointee
Christopher Brown
MemberSchool Committee appointee
Vacant MemberSchool Committee appointee
Andy Limeri 
MemberSchool Committee appointee