2022 - 2025


Joint Proclamation recognizing the 80th birthday of resident and former Councilor Judith Grove02/06/2024
Joint Proclamation recognizing the 20th Anniversary of Downtown Framingham Inc.01/30/2024
Joint Proclamation declaring December 20, 2023 Karen & Mark Curtis Day in recognition of the long-standing Curtis Thanksgiving tradition.12/19/2023
Joint Proclamation recognizing the 90th Anniversary of the Framingham Amateur Radio Association12/19/2023
Citation honoring the life of District 9 resident Audrey Morrissey12/05/2023
Citation honoring District 9 resident Maura Yetter12/05/2023
Joint Proclamation recognizing the 90th birthday of Veteran Nick Paganella11/21/2023
Joint Proclamation recognizing the 105th birthday of Purple Heart Veteran Charles "Charlie" Audet10/03/2023
Joint Proclamation recognizing the 70th anniversary of the Korean War ceasefire09/26/2023
Joint Proclamation recognizing National Suicide Prevention Week, September 202309/05/2023
Joint Proclamation recognizing the Framingham Farmers Market, Farmers Market Week and Day in the City of Framingham08/08/2023
Joint Proclamation of the Mayor and Council Chair National Disability Independence Day July 26th07/26/2023
Purple Heart Day Proclamation
Citation 100th Birthday and Celebration of Life Barbara Bugden07/18/2023
Joint Proclamation declaring June Pride Month06/06/2023
National Gun Violence Awareness Day Joint Proclamation06/02/2023
Joint Proclamation recognizing National Public Works Week05/16/2023
50th Anniversary Karpouzis Commercial Refrigeration Joint Proclamation05/16/2023
Earth Day Joint Proclamation04/22/2023
Autism Acceptance Month Joint Proclamation04/04/2023
90th Anniversary of the Framingham Garden Club Resolution03/21/2023
Proclamation calling for the protection of Reproductive Rights02/07/2023
100th Birthday Resolution Vernice Moreno Gex11/19/2022
50th Anniversary Greater Framingham Community Church Joint Proclamation11/15/2022
Mark Joel Goldman Day Resolution09/21/2022
100th Birthday Resolution Anthony "Hank" Ferracamo09/20/2022
32nd Anniversary Americans with Disabilities Act and 20th Anniversary of Framingham Disability Commission Resolution07/19/2022
Robert McArthur Retirement Citation
Dr. F. Javier Cevallos Senior Heros Awardee Citation
Caribbean-American Heritage Month Joint Proclamation06/21/2022
Recognition and Celebration of Juneteenth Joint Proclamation06/19/2022
Anne R. Murphy Retirement from Framingham Historical Center Resolution05/24/2022
Joint Proclamation declaring June LGBTQ Pride Month05/24/2022
Womens History Month Resolution
Jean Elizabeth Brown 103rd Birthday Citation
Public Health Nurses and Municipal Workers Anti-Covid Appreciation Resolution03/01/2022