City Clerk

The Framingham City Clerk’s Office is committed to providing courteous, competent, and efficient service to its customers. We are dedicated to the thorough preservation of the City’s vital records and historical documents for the benefit of future generations. We respect the right to vote as a fundamental civil right and will assure that all elections are conducted in a fair and open manner providing equal access to all citizens. Our office will operate in a modern, professional and automated environment, with an emphasis on our fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of Framingham.

Often considered the gateway to local government, the City Clerk's Office responds to inquiries and serves as the central information point for residents and visitors alike. The City Clerk serves you as:

Chief Election Official: supervises voter registration, oversees polling places, election officers, and the general conduct of all elections as well as directs the preparation of ballots, polling places, voting equipment, voting lists, administers campaign finance laws, certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions, and serves on the Board of Registrars of Voters. The Clerk conducts the annual city census and prepares the street list of residents.

Recording Officer: records and certifies all official actions of the City, including City Council legislation and appropriations, election results, Planning and Zoning Board decisions, signs all notes for borrowing and is the custodian of the city seal. The City Clerk attests by signature and seal to bonds, contracts, ordinances, resolutions and any other documents requiring city certification.

Licensing Officer: issues marriage licenses, business certificates, dog licenses, underground fuel storage registrations and raffle/auction permits. 

Registrar of Vital Statistics: keeps all official records of births, deaths, and marriages, providing the basis for the Commonwealth's Central Vital Registration System.  The City Clerk is the chief burial permit agent for the City of Framingham. 

Public Records Officer: provides certified copies of vital records and is responsible for maintenance, disposition, and preservation of municipal archival records and materials. The City Clerk maintains the official the calendar for the scheduling of meetings of any city board, commission or committee (including subcommittees). Pursuant to MGL Chapter 39, Section 23B, such meetings are open to the public and must be held in a building accessible to the public. Board, Committee and Commission meeting minutes are filed with the City Clerk.

The City Clerk administers the oath of office to all city officials, whether they are elected or appointed. Both the City Clerk and the Assistant City Clerk are Justices’ of the Peace. The City Clerk offers free notary services* to all Framingham residents.  Appointed by the Governor, the City Clerk and staff are all Commissioners to Qualify and have the authority to administer the oath of office to Governor appointed public officers.