Transportation Improvement Program

The City of Framingham actively participates in the state transportation planning process, commonly known as "the TIP." In this process, local projects are considered for state and federal construction funding by the regional planning organization known as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).

Follow this link to learn more about the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) process itself.

The MPO hosts an interactive database of all projects currently associated with each community in the region. The Interactive TIP Database includes projects at different stages of the process, ranging from initial consideration through construction. The information for each project is a combination of City and MPO supplied data. The MPO meets annually to evaluate projects and establish a three year plan for allocating funds to various projects.

Framingham's Current Priority Projects

The City's current list of priority projects for the TIP was developed by the TIP Committee in 2006.

  • Union Avenue - from Proctor Street to Main Street
  • Edgell Road - from Vernon Street to Water Street
  • Salem End Road Bridge - City owned bridge over the Sudbury River
  • Route 30/Speen Street - Place holder for potential future intersection improvements once project is defined.

Current Status Reports