Human Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide a broad range of efficient and effective Human Resources services, consistent with community expectations, to enhance the quality of life for the residents of the City, and to ensure that the City continues to be a desirable place to live, work and do business by attracting and retaining a diverse, productive and safe work environment that creates a workforce committed to excellence.


The City of Framingham is committed to the ongoing pursuit of strategic diversity initiatives that help to position diversity, equity, and inclusion as central to the municipality and community-wide excellence in the City of Framingham.

In doing so, Framingham strives for a city culture and environment that fosters a true sense of belonging for all, provides an opportunity for everyone to participate equally and fully in the City, their communities, and neighborhoods in ways that help to develop each individual's capacity to confidently and competently engage within and across difference. 

Given an evolving national context and the richness in the demographic and linguistic profile of our city, the City of Framingham has made a significant commitment to addressing and enhancing its community climate, culture, and multiplicity of service capabilities as a city.