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1. What information do you have?
2. Do I need to have permission to widen, move or add another driveway on my property?
3. Can I plant flowers or put up a fence near the roadway?
4. Where do I acquire a GIS map?
5. Will the Town survey my property?
6. Does the Town have copies of the flood insurance maps developed for Framingham?
7. Will the town locate my utility services for me?
8. Can I get a lower speed limit on my street?
9. Can I get stop signs erected to slow traffic?
10. Does the Town allow residents/businesses to connect a private stormwater drain to the Town’s stormwater drainage system?
11. What do I do if I have a drainage problem from the roadway onto my property?
12. Who is responsible for cleaning out the drainage ditches (channels) on my property?