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Boards, Committees, Commission, Officers Application Form


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    Under Massachusetts law, emails and text messages sent or received on private accounts for public purpose are considered a public record and will need to be produced if a public records request is made that encompasses such documents. The Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General therefore recommends appointees separate their personal contact information from their public official contact information to avoid issues with archiving and responding to Freedom of Information Act Requests.
  4. If appointed to serve, please provide the contact information you intend to use as part of your duties as an appointee of the city.
  5. "Applications for the Board of Health, Board of License Commissioners, Conservation Commission, Planning Board, Strategic Initiatives and Financial Oversight Committee (SIFOC), South Middlesex Regional Vocational School Committee (Keefe Tech), Traffic Commission, and Zoning Board of Appeals require a cover letter and resume."
  6. Note: Upon submission, this application becomes public record.
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