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Wellness Survey

  1. Since January, the City of Framingham’s Wellness Committee has been trying to create an environment of Wellness. We have sponsored many events over the past eight months, but the participation rate is extremely low. Please take a couple of minutes to answer our survey questions so that we may modify our program to your fit your needs.
    Wellness Survey questions
  2. 1. In the last six months, have you attended any of the wellness initiatives such as chair massage, adult recess, test kitchen, stress seminar, etc.?
  3. If you haven’t, why not?
  4. 2. Newsletter questions:
  5. Have you read the newsletter?
  6. Do you plan on reading it?
  7. 5. Would you be willing to attend an after work program such as a walking program or Zumba class?
  8. In an effort to assist employees with their transit needs, a discount program has become available to Framingham. This program would allow employers to make bulk purchases of monthly subway, commuter rail, bus and ferry passes on behalf of their employees. Employees are then able to pay for their passes using pre-tax dollars from their paycheck.

    In order to determine if this is a worthwhile benefit for Framingham, please respond to the survey below.
  9. Do you use the subway, commuter rail, bus or ferry?
  10. Do you use the subway, commuter rail, bus or ferry to commute to work?
  11. If yes, to questions 1 and 2, how many days per month do you use public transportation?
  12. If you had the opportunity to receive your passes through the City of Framingham on a pre-tax bases, would you sign up for this payroll deduction?
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