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  1. 1. Would you participate in a wellness program if offered to you at work?
  2. 2. How do you like to learn about health and lifestyle information? (Please select all that apply)
  3. 3. What time of day would you be most likely to participate in a wellness program? (Please select all answers that apply.)
  4. 4. How long should a wellness activity last?
  5. Interest Level
  6. 5. Using the scale below, please rate how interested you are in each wellness topic. The more specific information we receive from you, the more tailored our wellness program can be to meet your needs and wants. This question is voluntary.
  7. Allergies
  8. Back Injury Prevention
  9. Beginner Boot Camp
  10. Weight Management
  11. Boot Camp
  12. Cholesterol
  13. High Blood Pressure
  14. Diabetes
  15. Women’s Health
  16. Men's health
  17. Stress Management
  18. Nutrition
  19. Emotional Health
  20. Healthy Cooking
  21. Smoking Cessation
  22. Skin Cancer
  23. Parenting
  24. Physical Activity
  25. Asthma
  26. Zumba
  27. Strength Training
  28. Tai Chi
  29. Walking Program
  30. Yoga
  31. 6. Please indicate which screening test(s) you would participate in if offered to you at your worksite (your screening results will be confidential).
  32. 8. If you were able to obtain a Fitbit at a discount, what would you be willing to pay? $30 - $50? $50 - $100?
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