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Youth Council Application Form


  2. The Youth Council is comprised of 13 individuals – one from each of Framingham’s nice districts nominated by the district City Councilors, two individuals nominated by the At Large Councilors; and two individuals appointed by the Mayor.

    District Youth Councilors serve a 1-year term.

    At Large Councilors and Mayor’s appointees serve a 2-year term.

    Members must be between the ages of 13-22 and must reside or vote in Framingham.

    Youth Councilors:

    • Represent, evaluate and review issues facing youth in the City of Framingham by advising elected officials and other policy makers regarding matters of interest or concern to young people
    • Provide information to and advocate before public entities including the mayor, municipal government, state and federal government, police, school districts and higher educational systems in support of young people
    • Provide structure for all young people to learn the value of civic participation and encouraging lifelong participatory residents
    • Engage with other young people in the community to inform them of opportunities, to listen to opinions and suggestions of peers and bring forth to the Youth Council the views of today’s youth
    • As a Council, conduct an annual joint meeting with the Superintendent of Schools in January of each year
    • As a Council, report to the City Council and provide an update to the City’s Legislative branch of government twice a year
    • Have opportunity to participate in subcommittees of the Youth Council:
      • Diversity & Inclusion
      • Academic Achievement
      • Outreach & Youth Engagement
      • Physical & Mental Health
      • Environmental & Sustainability

    The deadline to apply is Friday June 30, 2023.



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