Where can I get a veterans photo ID card?

For a Federally issued photo ID card you can apply for Veterans Administration Health Care. The only card that you may qualify for would be the Veterans Administration’s medical ID card. You will need to complete a VA 1010ez form that can be located on the Veterans Administration Website: https://www.va.gov/vaforms/ . Bring the completed form with a copy of your DD214 to 61 Lincoln St, Room 112 (VA outpatient Clinic) and ask to have it submitted for "eligibility”. Once you have been approved for the VA medical benefits, they will help you get a photo ID that can be used as a discount card.

All Massachusetts residents who are Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces and were honorably discharged can choose to have a Veteran’s Indicator on their Driver’s License, Learner’s Permit, Massachusetts ID card, or Liquor ID card. If they choose this, the word “Veteran” will be printed on the lower right corner of their license or ID card, or in the bottom center of their learner’s permit. There is no additional fee for the Veteran’s Indicator, but all regular transaction fees will apply.
One of the following documents (typed, not handwritten) must be presented as proof of honorable discharge: 

  • A DD-214 that indicates honorable discharge
  • A DD-215 that indicates honorable discharge
  • An Honorable Discharge form.

The Veteran’s Indicator cannot be added during an online transaction. To have the Veteran’s Indicator added to your license or ID card, you will need to visit an RMV branch and should not complete this transaction online. If you prefer not to visit a branch, you can continue with your online transaction, but the Veteran’s Indicator will not appear on your License or ID. There is a question on the Class D, M, or DM License and ID Card Application and the CDL Application asking if the customer is a veteran and if he/she would like the Veteran’s Indicator. A customer who wants the Veteran’s Indicator on his/her Driver’s License, Massachusetts ID card, or Liquor ID card must answer “yes” to this question when applying for, renewing, or ordering a duplicate license or ID card. For more information please visit the MassDot myRMV Online Service Center.

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