Who needs to have a Firearms License or FID card?

To comply with Massachusetts law, except in the case of an inheritance, or when a person moves here from another state, before any Massachusetts resident may lawfully purchase, receive or possess a rifle or shotgun or purchase ammunition, they must obtain either a license to carry a firearm or an Firearms Identification (FID) Card. In order to purchase a firearm or possess a firearm outside of one's business property or residence, such person must have a license to carry. In Massachusetts, any person who is a resident or has his place of business within the Commonwealth, or resides on a military base under federal jurisdiction within Massachusetts, may apply for an FID Card from the local licensing authority. While an FID Card allows it's holder to possess firearms, it does not allow them to carry firearms on their person or in their vehicle outside of their residence or place of employment. According to Massachusetts General Laws, with an FID Card the holder may keep their firearm at his residence or place of business, whichever is listed on the FID Card. Anyone who wishes to possess a firearm (i.e. a pistol or revolver) away from their residence or place of business must obtain a License to Carry a Firearm.

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