How can you file a claim with the City of Framingham?


Please contact the Highway Department at 508-532-6030 or file a claim on the City website. Please provide as much information as possible (i.e., location, date, time, etc.) If available, attach any additional documentation to support your claim (i.e., estimate or invoice, correspondence, narrative, photo, Police Report, etc.).

For All other claims

Please reference instructions about filing a claim for all other instances here

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5. How can you file a claim with the City of Framingham?
6. Where can I report a sinkhole in the public way?

A sinkhole can be caused by many different reasons, so knowing which Division in Public Works to call may not be possible. 

If you are not sure you may call any of the following divisions to report the sinkhole:

  • Please call the Highway Division, 508-532-6030, for potholes or sinkholes around drainage fixtures (catch basins or storm drains). 
  • Please call the Water Division, 508-532-6050, for sinkholes near fire hydrants, round water gate covers, or trenches in the road where water work has occurred.
  • Please call the Wastewater Division, 508-532-6060, for sinkholes around manhole covers or trenches in the road where sewer work has occurred.