How can I become a licensed Drainlayer in Framingham?

To perform any excavation or work to public infrastructure on public/private property in the City of Framingham, it is required that you become licensed. To qualify for a Drain Layer’s license in the City of Framingham, a written application form must be submitted to the Department of Public Works. Along with the application, applicants are required to provide the following:

  • Application Fee
  • Three municipal references in which the applicant has performed water or sewer work
  • Valid certificate of insurance and an annual $25K bond
  • “Designated” persons must be listed on the drain layers license and must provide a copy of their hoisting license
  • All “designated” persons listed on the application – must attend a training session. Training sessions will be held at our Public Works Facility at 100 Western Ave., Framingham, MA 01702. Attendance is mandatory for all persons listed on application.

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