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Posted on: November 16, 2023

Framingham Mayor Names Composting Task Force

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Susan Scully Petroni

City of Framingham Public Information Officer




Framingham Mayor Makes Appointments To Composting Task Force



FRAMINGHAM – City of Framingham Mayor Charlie Sisitsky has appointed individuals to the Framingham Mayoral Composting Task Force.


Mayor Sisitsky signed an executive order on October 17, 2023, to create the Task Force. It was his first executive order of 2023.


Members of the Task Force named in the executive order included:

  • Framingham Department of Public Works Director Bob Lewis
  • Framingham Sanitation Operations Manager Darren Guertin
  • Framingham Recycling Coordinator Eve Carey
  • District 7 City Councilor Leora Mallach
  • Framingham Public Schools Executive Director of Operations Lincoln Lynch IV
  • City Councilor Janet Leombruno, who chairs the City Council’s Environmental & Sustainability Subcommittee
  • Chair of the School Committee’s Climate Change, Environmental and Sustainability Subcommittee or a member of that subcommittee



Also appointed to the Task Force, by the Mayor, were:


  • Framingham Sustainability Committee Chair Erin Ellsworth
  • Energize Framingham members Aimee Powelka and Diana Zimmerman-Porter
  • Framingham residents Mike Croci, Heather Smith, and Michael Tarselli, who speaks Spanish.


The Mayor has named District 7 City Councilor Mallach as the chair of the Task Force. The Mayor has not named a vice chair yet.


There were 20 applicants for the Task Force submitted by the deadline.


Members of the Task Force will serve for two years or until the Task Force is disbanded.


The Mayor will provide goals and assignments for the Task Force’s at its first meeting. The Mayor may also provide a timeline for assignments, as well as a request for a written proposal with a budget, presented to the Mayor, at a date to be determined.


The Task Force shall post public meetings, in accordance to the Commonwealth’s Open Meeting Law, and post public minutes, in a timely matter. The Task Force shall meet at a place that is ADA compliant.




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