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Posted on: May 2, 2019

City of Framingham Yvonne M. Spicer, Mayor FY2020 Budget Message

May 2, 2019 The Honorable City Council City of Framingham 150 Concord Street Framingham, MA 01702

Dear Councilors, I am pleased to present the Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) budget for the City of Framingham. The budget was prepared over the last several months in consultation with the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Division Heads. As we developed this budget, we looked through the lens of the original five promises I made to the City: 

1. Smooth Transition to City form of Government 

2. Excellence in Education

3. Invigorating our Economy through Planned Growth and Balanced Development 

4. Preservation of Assets, Resources, and Quality of Life 

5. Investing in our People The fiscal management of the budget is the cornerstone of our success as a municipality. This budget reflects our on-going efforts though the focus of the five promises, strategic thinking and deliberate decision making to balancing revenue while preserving Framingham services. Proposed General Fund, otherwise known as the operating budget, is $296,404,258 million, which is an increase of $11.6 million or 4% over the FY19 budget. 

In the FY20 budget, you will see that we are holding the Framingham municipal costs at a 2.2% increase, representing $1.4 million. The City will continue to support our schools in the same excellent manner in which it has historically. The City is proposing a budget of $137,873,104 – a 3.65% increase or roughly $4.86 million over FY19. The schools operating budget accounts for 47% of General Fund budget. This operating budget inclusive of salaries and day-to-day school operations. The schools’ budget is not inclusive of benefits and retirement costs for non-teachers, school debt service and state assessments. When those are added, the school department’s budget accounts for 60.2% of the General Fund. Pursuant to the City’s Charter Article VI, Sections 3 and 4: Submission of Budget and The Budget, included is the FY20 Operating Budget. Go here for the full budget.

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