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Posted on: October 11, 2018

The City of Framingham Approves Amendments to Recreational Marijuana By-laws

Framingham, MA – The collaboration of Framingham’s Recreational Marijuana Task Force, City Council and Executive Branch has resulted in the creation of amended by-laws surrounding the zoning and general provisions for the recreational adult-use of marijuana. The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act took effect in Massachusetts on December 15, 2016 after a ballot measure for legalization passed.

Through countless hours of dedication between the Office of the Mayor, City Council, Public Schools, Public Health Department, Planning Board, and Police and Fire Departments; a process to regulate the timing, placement and manner of provisions surrounding recreational marijuana was formed. This is an example of local government working at its best to develop a process that members of the Framingham community had voted for. This initiative was made possible from municipal teamwork as well as the vision of residents who were involved in sharing their opinions and navigating among differences of others to create an environment for compromise.

“We know this was not an easy task. There were many who strongly favored recreational marijuana and there were those who strongly opposed it, but we have legalized marijuana use in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. When I assumed Office earlier this year, I made it my practice to allow certain processes to take place and not step in the way of good collaborative work among our government.” Said Dr. Spicer, Mayor of the City of Framingham.