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February 12, 2019 10:44 AM

Plan of Action for Winter Storm - Feb. 12., 2019

What to Expect:
Public Works salt-spreading equipment will begin pre-treating roadways today early in the afternoon. This will ensure that material is applied to the roadways before snow and ice can bond to the pavement surface. One of the most challenging factors in this storm will be timing. Rush hour traffic often prevents de-icing equipment and plow trucks from effectively treating roadways or removing snow due to traffic impacts. If traffic can’t move, our equipment can’t either. Public Works operations must adapt to existing traffic volume and therefore, it is critical that vehicular traffic stays off the road as much as possible. We ask for your help in making the roads safe for those who absolutely need to be on them.

The Department intends to utilize all available City and contracted resources to plow streets as quickly as possible before freezing rain creates hard ice-pack on roadway surfaces. The City does not anticipate widespread tree damage during this storm, which is often the concern with freezing rain events. However, this is still one of the most dynamic and difficult types of precipitation to mitigate.
Fortunately, Framingham temperatures are looking to be relatively warm temperatures for the remainder of the week. This is important because often times the strategy to handle snow and ice, especially on the secondary roads can be impacted by freezing temperatures that will prevent snow from melting.
Sidewalk equipment will be deployed as soon as reasonably practical to plow the over 90 miles of sidewalks.

Please monitor the City’s website and Facebook for updated conditions and status of Wednesday refuse and recycling pick up. If possible, please do not put out your refuse and recycling carts until 7 a.m. Wednesday morning as this has a tendency to interfere with plowing sidewalks.

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