Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs


The purpose of the Framingham Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department is to create recreation opportunities, preserve open space, manage public athletic fields and parks, and administer recreation programs and facilities for the varied population of Framingham.

Recreational Programming

We provide over 300 formal programs geared towards Framingham's diverse community. Services are provided through a combination of user fees and public tax dollars. Last year, we had just over 25,000 users in our formal programming.

Recreation program fees are established to cover the cost of each individual program (cost vary). For a list of our programs visit the Parks and Recreation website

All of our programs are available to Framingham residents. Non-residents may apply for certain programs for an additional fee. Obtain information about a program or to register. Please feel free to visit our office located at the Bowditch Field Athletic and Cultural Complex at 475 Union Avenue, Framingham, Ma. 

Parks, Athletic Fields & Recreation Facilities

Framingham Parks and & Recreation offers a wide variety of facilities for its residents and surrounding community including:

  • 3 public beaches
  • 16 tennis courts
  • 25 Playgrounds
  • 64 athletic fields for a variety of sports. Fields are available for group use by permit only
  • Indoor Ice Skating Arena
  • Several passive recreation areas

The department has hosted over 14,000 events/activities at their facilities this past year.

Parks & Recreation Commission

Policies for all recreation programming and facilities are determined by the Framingham Parks and Recreation Commission, which consists of a 5-member board appointed by the Mayor.

Current Board Members are:

  • Joan Rastani, Chair (2021)
  • David Gudejko (2020)
  • Kathleen F. Hauck (2021)
  • Joe Kaufman (2020)
  • Bob Berman (2019)