Deputy Chief of Operations

Communication Specialists Duties

Communication Specialists perform a wide variety of office tasks. Their primary responsibilities are to act as call takers, receiving the phone calls from the public, both on the 911 enhanced lines as well as the normal business lines and entering the calls into the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). The call is then dispatched to the Officers.

In addition to these primary functions, the Communication Specialists also are responsible for the input and search for information on both the department computers as well as state and national computers. The one officer that is still assigned to the station allows persons that walk into the station to still speak to a Police Officer.


Recently, the department expanded their civilian communication specialists staffing to all the shifts. In the past dispatch has been staffed by 2 Officers and 1 civilian clerk. Now it is staffed by 2 Communication Specialists and 1 Officer.

Civilian Employees

The addition of civilian employees to work as Communication Specialists, allows the department to free up Officers that in the past have been tied up inside the station working these positions. This in turn places more Officers on the street to respond to calls. It also provides constancy in dispatch by providing the same people to work inside every day, instead of a person working inside once every 2 weeks.

Community Policing


The department now has 3 sub-stations. Through a joint collaboration between the department and Cochituate Homes, the 2nd station was situated in the center of Pelham Housing, allowing the Officers assigned there to interact closely with the residents of this highly populated neighborhood.  The 3rd station is at Waverley St. by Tripoli.

Crime Scene Services

Bureau of Investigative Services

The Identification Bureau is staffed by 2 full time officers and is under the command of the Bureau of Investigative Services. These officers are responsible for processing all crimes scenes within the Town of Framingham.


Both officers have had extensive training in photography, videography, collection, identification and classification of fingerprints, collection, and processing of evidence including the recovery of footwear, tire impressions, and tool marks. They have trained with agencies such as the FBI, Massachusetts State Police, and the Middlesex County District Attorney's office.

The Bureau of Investigation, under the direction of the Lieutenant Blaise Tersoni, works with other law enforcement, governmental, and non-governmental agencies. Department investigations include, but are not limited to, crimes against both persons and property.

Specialized Services

Of the crimes investigated by the bureau, most are initiated by the Patrol Unit and are forwarded to the bureau for follow-up. The bureau provides specialized services in department criminal investigations. Bureau staff supports the uniform patrol in the investigation of major crimes such as: homicide, rape, domestic violence, child abuse, armed robbery, fraud, and other felonies. Drug investigations and other investigations can be initiated by the bureau or as directed by the Chief of Police.

School Resource Officers

The bureau School Resource Officers work in the High School, the Middle Schools, and the Elementary Schools in partnership school staff. Domestic Violence Advocates reach out to victims to provide safety planning and referral. The bureau is prioritizing its resources to combat crime. Death investigations, investigations of violent crime, and follow-up and investigations of drug activity that directly contribute to violent crime, currently consume the majority of bureau resources. 

General Duty Unit Investigators

The responsibilities of the General Duty Unit Investigators include criminal investigations which consist of:
  • Crime scene reconstruction and analysis
  • Interview / interrogation techniques
  • Investigative strategy
  • Patterns / profiles of unknown offenders in violent crimes
  • Prosecution strategy
  • Search warrant affidavits
  • Threat assessments

Domestic Violence Unit Investigators

The Domestic Violence Unit Investigators was created in 1996, and has evolved into a nationally recognized model for a coordinated effort to combat domestic violence. The unit is staffed with 2 investigators and 2 victim advocates, and Child Violence Intervention Specialist. This concept is designed to put a team approach to better respond to family violence.

Narcotic Unit Investigators

The Narcotic Unit Investigators will aggressively target, investigate, and bring to prosecution those individuals or groups involved in the distribution of illegal narcotics and drugs. The focus of the unit’s enforcement activity is directed towards street level drug dealers. It is a known fact that concentrating efforts towards this group of offenders will substantially reduced street level violence and quality of life issues. 

The unit maintains a professional relationship with federal, state, and local Police Departments, creating a bond of cooperation in the fight against illegal drugs at all levels.

Prosecution Unit

This unit includes the review of incoming criminal complaints, the providing of training and legal expertise to the department, and the preparing and presenting of criminal cases to the District Attorney's Office and Clerk Magistrates of the various Trial Courts. 

Domestic Violence Victim Advocates

This unit is staffed with persons who can evaluate situations and make referrals for counseling, legal assistance, shelters, support groups (in partnership with Voices Against Violence), and the Bureau of Investigation. 

The Framingham Police Department has developed a progressive Domestic Violence Unit. The unit's ultimate mission is to investigate incidents of domestic abuse as thoroughly as possible with evidence-based case prosecutions designed to stand all court challenges. 


This philosophy and strategy has enabled officers to develop their own skills and abilities to successfully investigate domestic violence cases. It is the goal of the Domestic Violence Unit to discharge it's responsibilities in an enlightened, timely, impartial, consistent, and lawful manner; and to provide a high level of assistance to victims of domestic violence.


To contact the Domestic Violence Unit call 508-532-5923 extension 4249.