Notice of Intent Process Costs

Notice of Intent

The state has an established application fee depending on the category that you file under. The fees to the State starts at $110. If you are within Riverfront Area, the fee gets multiplied by a factor of 1.5. A portion of the total fee gets divided. A portion of that fee goes to the state (half of the full filing fee, then subtract $12.50) and the rest goes to the municipality.

The City of Framingham has an additional filing fee. This fee matches the total filing fee under the State Act plus $50.

Two checks must be sent to the Conservation Office, the 1st check will be the portion under the State Filing Fee that gets submitted to the municipality, the other is the city's filing fee.

Certified List of Abutters

The Assessor's office charges $45 for a list of all people who own land within 100 feet of your parcel. By state law you are required to inform these people of your hearing. We will give you all the necessary paperwork to get this list.

Notifying Abutters

You can either notify your abutters by certificate of mailing, certified mail, (return receipt). It is recommended that you contact the Post Office to determine the cost of these mailings. You can hand deliver the notice and have your neighbors fill in our Evidence of Notification form available from the Conservation Office.

Recording Your Order of Conditions

This is required by state law before you start work. It generally costs $75.