Arthur Morency Woods

Welcome to Arthur-Morency Woods

Situated in Framingham, but stretching into Natick, the City acquired Arthur Morency Woods in 2001 as open space. This 14.5 acre parcel was slated to be used as sewer beds, but has lain as undisturbed woodland. Arthur Morency Woods, bounded on the west and south by Lokerville Brook, covers the steep southern end of a glacial drumlin, roughly 190 feet high.

The woods, stream, and wetlands of Arthur Morency Woods provide rich habitat for a variety of wildlife.

Currently, staff of the Conservation Commission are working to improve the parcel by creating new trails, abandoning old trails, improving the parking area at the end of Arthur Street Extension, cutting invasive species, and creating new maps for the new trail.


Arthur Morency Trail Map

Property Access Points

  • At the end of Arthur Street in Framingham, there is a wooden bridge that allows access over Lokerville Brook into Morency Woods.
  • The south end of Nolin and Longview Streets in Natick are connected by a trail that continues into Morency Woods.
  • There is an informal trail from Pumpkin Pine Road in Natick.