P1010006The City acquired part of the Macomber Estate, known as Raceland, in 1971 for conservation purposes. This 57 acre parcel encompasses meadows, wetlands and upland forest. The north border is Stearns Reservoir Number 1 of the Sudbury River, which is maintained by the MA Water Resources Authority.

Barton Brook, a rocky babbling stream, runs through the property creating beautiful wooded wetlands. Barton Brook splits in the middle of Macomber (an unusual phenomenon); one branch drains to an emergent marsh and the other runs merrily down to the Reservoir.


Macomber Woods Trail Map

Entrance into Macomber

The entrance to the property is at the break in the stone wall on Badger Road, about 1,000 feet south of Salem End Road. Ample parking is available. The trails begin beyond the gate at the end of the paved drive, and loop through white pine and hemlock woodland.


The broad trails are old carriage roads with stone and metal grate bridges where they cross Barton Brook. A short trail goes around the inner woodland without crossing the stream; a longer trail crosses the stream four times and provides lovely views of Stearns Reservoir.