Expiration Dates - When to Renew Your Permit or License

Yearly Expiration Date
Permit / License Type
Link for More Information
February 29thFrozen Dessert License
May 31stAnimal PermitsKeeping of Animals
May 31stBody Art Establishment PermitBody Art 
May 31stBody Art Practitioner PermitBody Art
May 31stBody Work Establishment Permit
May 31stBody Work Practitioner PermitBody Work
May 31stMobile Food Establishment (Food Trucks) Permit
May 31stSwimming Pool Permit
May 31stTanning Establishment License
September 30thRecreational Camp for Children PermitRecreational Camp for Children
December 31stFood Establishments including Caterers, Cottage (Residential) Kitchens, Raw MilkFood Establishments
December 31stMarijuana Establishments - All TypesMarijuana Establishments
December 31st
Solid Waste - Septage / Rubbish Haulers
Solid Waste