Waushakum Beach Improvements

Waushakum Beach, located in South Framingham on Nipmuc Road, is one of three City Beaches. This beach provides recreational amenities such as swimming, sunbathing, and picnicking.
Waushakum drainage headwall

Waushakum Beach Stormwater Runoff Improvement Project Status: Design

The purpose of this project is to prevent beach closures due to poor water quality by improving stormwater runoff systems. The City of Framingham was awarded an Accelerating Climate Resilience grant from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). With this grant, the City will explore retrofits for Lake Waushakum’s s public beach and bathhouse, focusing on sustainable, nature-based solutions. The City will evaluate potential designs for green infrastructure, solar, and/or other climate-resilient improvements to Waushakum Beach. The City's Senior Stormwater and Environmental Engineer, Kerry Reed, will act as the Project Manager for the grant's scope of work. The City will rely on our experienced, interdisciplinary project team to ensure project success. 

Redesign of the Waushakum Beach Bathhouse Project Status: Design

This project will focus on improving accessibility of the building, update the electrical system and improve the layout for more efficient use of space. The project will remove any architectural barriers such as steps and make the bathrooms and public spaces accessible for everyone. Additionally, the renovated facility will provide family changing/bathroom areas and water bottle filler station to better serve our residents.

aerial of Waushakum