Framingham Municipal Aggregation

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Municipal aggregation for framingham

Following an authorizing vote by the Framingham City Council, the City of Framingham is launching a municipal aggregation program for residents and businesses in Framingham to provide enhanced price security, expanded consumer choice, and support for renewable energy development.

What is Municipal Aggregation? 

Municipal aggregation is a form of group purchasing of electricity supply. In an aggregation, a municipality contracts for an electricity supplier on behalf of its residents and businesses who are on Basic Service with their utility company. 

A municipal aggregation program in Framingham can provide benefits for participants in Framingham such as competitive, long-term pricing and an increase in the amount of renewable energy in the community's electricity supply. 

As a municipal aggregation only impacts the supplier of electricity, residents and businesses that participate will still receive only one bill from the utility (Eversource) and will continue to receive customer services from them in addition to the utility's role in maintaining the poles and wires that bring electricity to homes and businesses.

Diagram of the electricity supply and delivery.

More information can be found in the City's report "Framingham Municipal Aggregation Program: Municipal Framework and Preliminary Plan" and associated presentation slides.

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10-20-20 - Presentation to the City Council regarding Framingham's Municipal Aggregation Program plan and framework. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE PRESENTATION.

As we begin the process of implementing a municipal aggregation, we want your feedback! Please email or call Shawn Luz, Sustainability Coordinator, at 508-532-5652 or