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Zoom community hour women's contributions to Framingham - March 2, 2021

zoom community hour - critical challenges in our community - February 23

zoom community hour - examining Framingham's fiscal picture, January 26 View presentation slides here.

zoom community hour - new sustainability commission, November 17

Zoom community hour - covid-19 in framingham, october 20, 2020

Zoom community hour - What's in store for the next Framingham Government academy, October 6, 2020

zoom community hour - staying involved in Framingham government, September 16, 2020

Zoom community hour - diversity, equity, and inclusion, continuing the conversation, September 9, 2020

Zoom community hour - continuing the conversation: Proposed housing moratorium, September 1, 2020

zoom community hour - Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and Department of Public Health's COVID-19 guidance regarding schools, buses, and community recovery, August 26, 2020

ZOOM COMMUNITY HOUR - voting in Framingham, AUGUST 11, 2020

Zoom Community Hour - The proposed housing moratorium - myths and missteps - unpacking what it means to the broader community & economic Recovery, August 4, 2020

ZOOM COMMUNITY HOUR - the pledge to take action, addressing systemic racism in our communities, JULY 28, 2020

ZOOM COMMUNITY HOUR - FOCUSED ON the fy21 budget, JUly 14, 2020

ZOOM COMMUNITY HOUR - FOCUSED ON building an anti-racist village, JUNE 30, 2020

Zoom Community Hour-focused on continuing the discussion – From Marches to Action, June 16, 2020

zoom Community hour-focused on Shifting the Paradigm, Moving from Marches to Action, June 9, 2020