Flagg Drive Water Main

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The DPW Capital group, in collaboration with the DPW Water Operations Department, will replace approximately 2,500 linear feet of 1955 8-inch cast iron water main along Flagg Drive between Oaks Road and Warren Road.

This project includes the replacement of all water services to the curb stops and fire hydrants. 

There is growing recognition that the 1950s cast iron pipe materials and installation are known to have a higher than average number of breaks. 

These replacements are timely with breaks in this section of main, and the Fuller Middle School construction project. 

This project is being designed in-house by the City’s Capital Projects staff. Construction will be performed by a combination of DPW resources and the City’s on-call contractor for water and sewer.

Flagg Drive - Excavator moving water main pipe into a trench
Image of a City hired contractor moving new water main pipe into a trench with an excavator.