Open Space and Environmental Planning

The Community and Economic Development (CED) Division oversees a number of environmental planning initiatives and projects and works with multiple local, regional, and state organizations to preserve our natural and open space resources for future generations.


The City of Framingham is in the process of updating its MHMP for 2022. Please find material related to the update located HERE.

Please take the 2022 MHMP Survey to help us with this process.

Land Acquisition

The Community and Economic Development staff kick-started a more robust and proactive Open Space strategy in 2014; to strengthen land protection efforts beginning with a prioritization of parcels in the City for open space protection - either via conservation restrictions of property acquisitions.

Conservation Restrictions are agreements between property owners and the City (or other non-profit land trust organization) which protect the property area subject to the Conservation Restrictions in perpetuity as open space/natural land.

The Open Space and Recreation Implementation Working Group maintains this open space prioritization list continuously and updates the priorities annually. Properties are ranked based off of certain criteria such as development threat, ecological resources concern, and flood storage capacity.

If you are a property owner interested in preserving your land, please contact us!


The City is updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan! The City of Framingham maintains an Open Space and Recreation Plan which is updated every 7 years by the Open Space and Recreation Implementation Working Group. The Open Space and Recreation Plan serves as a guide for protecting, managing, improving, and expanding Framingham's open space and recreation resources in the face of continuing development pressures. Learn more by clicking the link on the left.


Download Here: Conservation Master Plan.


2022 MA State Climate Summary