Arlington Street Area Infrastructure Improvements

Project Overview

Design efforts are underway for water, sewer, and roadway improvements in the Arlington Street area. In this environmental justice area, much of the existing water and sewer infrastructure is approximately 100 years old and in poor condition. Some water pipes are tuberculated, resulting in low water pressure. Rehabilitation will consist of sewer and manhole lining. Where pipe conditions are too poor to be rehabilitated, a replacement will be recommended. Water and sewer services and hydrants will also be replaced.

The current drainage system is inadequate, is difficult to maintain and access, and doesn’t meet state regulations. Localized flooding frequently occurs at several locations throughout the project limits.

The roadways and sidewalks are in fair to poor condition at best and need upgrading. Currently, the sidewalks do not meet ADA standards. 

The project will ultimately have to be completed in several phases due to cost and to minimize neighborhood disruptions.  

Benefits and Impacts:

  • Improved water pressure and fire flow to the neighborhoods.
  • Increased sanitary sewer capacity. 
  • Reduction of infiltration and inflow from leaking sewer pipes.
  • ADA-compliant sidewalks

Overall project Bounds:

  • Irving Street 
  • Hollis Street
  • Beaver Dam Brook
  • Colonel James Halpin Drive

The location for the first phase of work includes Alexander Street, Summitt Street, Wellington Avenue, and portions of Iriving and Eames Streets. 

Project Update - Spring 2022

The design for the Arlington Street Roadways and Drainage Improvements Phase I 35% milestone design will be submitted to the DPW in late May 2022 for review. This design builds upon the water and sewer improvements design that is already complete to the 35% milestone.


Please contact or call 508-532-6040.